EPOH Youth Homes

EPOH Home (HOPE spelled backward)

The EPOH house focuses on providing a safe environment for youth who have nowhere else to turn. Four program supervisors (two female and two male) live at each site to provide academic & behavior support, healthy living and life skills mentoring. Cincinnati Public Schools' teachers also assist with remedial tutoring and mentoring several hours each week. Counseling and community service are required of House residents.  EPOH moved into newly remodeled facilities in September 2016.  We have worked with parents, probation officers, courts and judges to develop plans for success for youth who otherwise would remain incarcerated or are at risk to become incarcerated without EPOH support.  These community legal professionals and families see the value and they trust BLOC's EPOH Home programs to help set the path straight for our young neighbors.

The Story: The Rosina Ryan House for boys is named for the great-great grandmother of members of the “Hope in Heels Foundation”. Placed in an orphanage as an infant, Rosina was never adopted. At 16, she found work at a local dairy. Later, Rosina supplemented her husband’s income by hand-sewing baseballs in her home. To honor Rosina’s courage and accomplishments, the “Hope in Heels Foundation” has partnered with BLOC to offer a place of hope for teen boys and girls.

The Cary Morgan House for Girls is named for Cary Morgan, son of BLOC Board member.

For more information, contact one of our directors: Eli Blackford (for boys) or Amanda Rogers (for girls).