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Price Hill is a neighborhood experiencing a re-birth and at the Cincinnati Type & Print Museum we are proud to be helping to lead that transition. Our museum serves not just as a building for historical artifacts, but also as a multi-functional space that will be used to train, to create, and to showcase the work of the residents and artists of Price Hill and Cincinnati's West side.

Our Purpose is Multi-fold:

  • To preserve the history and heritage of printing in Greater Cincinnati;
  • To create an environment for artists to make handmade paper & print letterpress products;  
  • To provide skills and job training and placement for women in the Redeemed Home

The Redeemed Letterpress is one of BLOC Industries' social enterprises that works with survivors of human trafficking, drug addiction and prostitution.  They learn necessary work habits, skills and trades to become employable among our community and business partners.  Additionally, products made by Redeemed Home women are sold to consumers.  Our “mission-focused” museum provides a safe and supportive environment to learn the history and technology of Print Media. Our goal is to provide a trade and skills that lead to self-sufficiency, independence and hope; and to break the cycle of addiction and negative thought patterns.

Gary Walton, Director, Letterpress & Museum: gary.walton@onebloc.org or 513-914-5722
Jacob M. Simpson, Assistant Director & Curator: jacob.simpson@cincinnatitypeprintmuseum.org


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