How We Do It

How We Do It

BLOC is unique. Our staff live where we serve because we know that neighborhood needs don’t go away at 5 p.m. By living in the neighborhood and being a neighbor and friend, we develop the trust required to find out the true need of individuals.  One-to-One.  We acquire and refurbish blighted buildings so that our staff can live as neighbors helping neighbors, invested in these blocks - invested in their lives.  Living where we serve creates more space to be Jesus’ hands and feet daily.  We get involved in very practical ways and are on hand especially when times of crisis or celebration occur.

Additionally, BLOC partners with community organizations, schools, businesses, self-help groups, and churches to help impact the neighborhoods we serve. These entities provide time, money and talent on many levels.  We are funded through individual donors, corporate donors, grants and our social enterprises, BLOC Industries.

The following are BLOC’s primary partners in changing peoples lives.

BLOC's Impact

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