Weightless Anchor

Weightless Anchor

An Anchor of Hope

On a mission to break the generational chains of poverty, addiction and oppression in our West Side Price Hill neighborhoods.

We are women who believe that people can change through relationship and love. Most importantly we believe in the power of Jesus to heal and make whole. In 2012, BLOC opened the first Weightless Anchor hospitality home in Lower Price Hill in urban Cincinnati to serve women on the streets who struggle with addiction and are victims of sex-trafficking by providing for their basic needs. In the fall of 2015 the second Weightless Anchor Hospitality home was opened in East Price Hill. These facilities offer rest, showers, hot meals, free clothes, and hygiene products, and most importantly, love without a cost.

What is behind the name "Weightless Anchor"?

The women we serve are carrying around some unbelievable weight. Weight that would seem unbearable to many of us. Much of this weight they have been carrying since they can remember. Our goal through our ministry is to give them a place that temporarily relieves them of that weight while they are with us. Eventually we want them to meet Someone (Jesus) who can take that weight permanently. They will always carry their anchor. It is part of who they are; but we want to make it weightless until their anchor becomes Jesus.

Weightless Anchor is an intervention and daily support environment, which serves as a referral and "feeder" program to our long-term recovery, job training, and mental health program - Redeemed Home. When women enter this program after 30 days of sobriety (or referred from courts and justice programs), the fully-staffed support homes provide long-term structure including job training and employment through our BLOC Industries, including our Redeemed Letter Press. Everything they need is accessible.

Female-only volunteers are always available to talk with, mentor, provide guidance, pray and support the next step of recovery for these amazing women of hope.

For more information or to become a volunteer, donor, or supporter of Weightless Anchor, contact:

Andrea Holtman: andrea.holtman@onebloc.org or 513-410-2168.