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Redeemed Women's Home

Since 2016, BLOC Women’s Ministry founded transitional homes called "Redeemed Home" with two locations serving up to 10 women. This is an individualized, long-term intervention program designed to serve women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction. A critical element is the referral and daily intervention process alongside our sister "entry" program Weightless Anchor where women encounter their first line of support and build healthy, trusting relationships.

Our goal is to create a supportive environment that leads to self-sufficiency, independence, faith and freedom. The program includes:

  • 1-2-year residential long-term program (up to 4 women)
  • Housing, addiction/medical referrals, therapy, lifestyle education and job training will be provided without charging women or receiving government funding
  • Graduates of the program will have the money, resources and skills necessary to begin a new independent life
  • There is a full-time staff person on site at each location to provide the women support through their journey
  • Women receive skills and job training through one of our 5 social enterprises called BLOC Industries where they receive mentoring and one-on-one skills-building & training to become employable with our area business partners.  One key job training industry is the Redeemed Letter Press and Cincinnati Type & Print Museum.

We regularly provide a list of items that are needed to help sustain our women in the program such as basic needs, clothing, transportation vouchers and more. If you want to help by donating any of the items, please reach out to us by filling out this contact form.  To donate directly to Redeemed Home, click below:

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Stephanie Young: or 513-484-6988