Ministerios BLOC

Ministerios Bloc, the Hispanic Outreach Ministry with Bloc is here to bless and help our immigrant community and take Bloc’s mission that is “building relationships with our neighbors and sharing hope in brokenness”, with them.

Price Hill is home to many Hispanics and we look forward to serving the needs of youth and families. Our first program is English as a Second Language. This will provide the opportunity for youth and parents to develop their skill in learning the language as they emerge in the new culture and they will be able to help their kids and help themselves. The second program will be Youth empowerment for Latinos (Empoderamiento Juvenil Latino), and we are praying for the right people to help Latina women.

The list of needs and opportunities to serve is large but again, the goal is empowering and changing the lives of children, youth, women, and of course to be a blessing to the whole family, because we believe that stronger families make healthy societies.

We can do better in helping children, youth and parents, some of them single mothers that must work two jobs so they can provide for their kids.

How You Can Support Hispanic Outreach

For any further inquiries please contact: Walter Vasquez: