BLOC Men's Ministry

BLOC Men’s Ministry

The primary focus of men’s ministry is those in jails and prisons, following a Matthew 25 relational approach. Many of these men are searching for another way but have not had positive influences for much of their lives. We believe these individuals can be the most receptive to the message of the Gospel. Our ministry provides relational resources to help men learn more about living a Christ-centered life, giving them the ability to also help others.

We build personal relationships with those we work with and share our hope and experience with those who are willing to hear it. We focus on teaching, mentoring, guidance, counsel in truth and an open door to help prepare those we serve for better results. Our ministry helps participants create a stable living environment and find employment and jobs training.

Our work is focused in Hamilton County, in partnership with Mary’s Bridge, The LIT Movement and Celebrate Recovery Price Hill. Our team effort takes us to the Warren & Butler County jails and Ohio State Prison in Lebanon. Together, we are making strong progress.

“For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” Phil 2:13 ESV

Although jails and prisons are not the only place we work, those who are behind bars have significant hurdles to overcome without returning to negative behaviors. Approximately 85% of those in jail are there because of substance abuse. The current opioid epidemic has left overdose and fatality rates at an all-time high. We believe our ministry, in parallel with similar efforts in BLOC’s Women’s Ministry, is the best opportunity at a grassroots level to turn the tide.

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