Side by Side

Side by Side
Serve. Share. Support. 

Our mission at Side by Side is to Serve, Share and Support. Serve our Neighbors. Share our Gifts. Support our Community.

Our neighbors reside in the northwest section of Hamilton County and we strive to share our time, talents and resources to build relationships that strengthen our community. We do this by volunteering and partnering with other local organizations who have the same goal – to serve, share and support the local neighborhood.

We bring hope and encouragement to our neighbors and community in a myriad of ways and are open to and excited to hear any new ideas to better serve. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please reach out to Gail Nolte and Dale Beck for more information.

We are a completely volunteer program and all funds given will pour directly into the neighborhoods we work in each day. To volunteer, please contact or for information.

Visit us on Facebook at @sidebysidecinci

Thank you for your interest in Side by Side ministries, lovingly empowered by BLOC Ministries.

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