EPOH Youth Homes

EPOH Home (HOPE Spelled Backward)

The EPOH House is a residential ministry that exists to bring structure and stability to at-risk youth by partnering with willing families to provide students with long-term housing, relationships, and hope. EPOH seeks to partner with willing teens (age 13-18) and their families in order to create a family-like environment in which students can thrive.

There is an EPOH Boys house and an EPOH Girls house. Each house provides beds for up to four students at a time. Residential staff is essential to the students’ experience as they live in each home, provide on-site care and oversight of residents, and maintain a Christ-centered, family-like environment in which students can thrive. Students also have direct access to other BLOC ministry programs to provide further relational support, community, academic & behavior support, healthy living and life skills mentoring.

EPOH also works with parents, probation officers, courts and judges to develop plans for success for youth who otherwise would remain incarcerated or are at risk to become incarcerated. Students are encouraged to engage in a healthy support system, both within and outside of BLOC Ministries, in order to overcome the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual barriers to a healthy life.

How You Can Support EPOH Home

For more information, contact one of our directors:  Chris Staser: chris.staser@onebloc.org (for boys) or Amanda Rogers: amanda.rogers@onebloc.org (for girls).

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