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We are always looking for more dedicated missionaries to join our team and do the Lord's work in our city! These are some of our current needs.

BLOC 2024 Summer Internship

Accounting Assistant

Horses on the Hill
Community Experiential Specialist

 Redeemed Homestead
Resident Support Coordinator 

 BLOC Family Outreach (multiple positions)
Youth Director
Event Coordinator
Site Leader (Iliff Location)
Site Leader (McPherson Location)
Site Leader (Lower Price Hill Location)

BLOC Coffee Company
BLOC Coffee City Hall Barista 
BLOC Coffee Line Cook/Barista

Mission Team
full-time (support raise salary)
Mission Team Coordinator 
The Mission Team Coordinator plays a central role in coordinating logistics and communication with various groups visiting the organization. This role requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and effective communication abilities to ensure that group needs are met and activities run smoothly.
What You will Do:
Email Communication with Groups: Communicate via email with groups to gather essential information such as group demographics (age, number of participants), meal requirements, and any specific needs. Ensure that all relevant correspondence is copied to the director to maintain transparency and facilitate coordination.
Invoices and Budget Management: Send invoices to groups for mission trips and coordinate with the finance department to ensure timely payment. Collaborate with the financial comptroller to streamline the invoicing process and resolve any discrepancies or issues that may arise.
Coordination with Chef and Food Services: Liaise with the BLOC caterer to fulfill group requests for meals or snacks during their visit. Ensure that dietary restrictions and preferences are accommodated as needed.
Itinerary Creation: Develop detailed itineraries for groups outlining scheduled activities, meal times, and any special events or outings. Coordinate with various departments to ensure that the itinerary aligns with available resources and staff availability.
Coordination with Mission Groups: Contact BLOC staff to coordinate with mission groups visiting the organization. Collaborate with mission hosts to identify suitable projects and activities for mission groups to participate in during their visit.
Assist Host Duties During Group Visits: Support hosts in welcoming and assisting groups during their visit, ensuring that they feel welcomed and their needs are addressed promptly.
Attend Team Meetings and Trainings: Participate in all team meetings to stay informed about upcoming activities, discuss group logistics, and address any challenges or concerns. Attend training sessions with the mission group.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Strong organizational and time management abilities.
Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively.
Proficiency in email communication and Microsoft Office suite.
Experience in event coordination, customer service, or hospitality is preferred.
Knowledge of budget management principles and basic accounting procedures.
Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and independently as needed.
If interested in the Mission Team Coordinator position, please contact

Girls Wanted Admin Staff

Girls Wanted was a program born to fight against sex trafficking in our community. Neglect is a key factor leading young women into the sex trade. Girls Wanted is a weekly small group program for young women in Lower Price Hill. Girls Wanted creates a vibrant community while equipping our girls with the skills and confidence they need to make positive decisions for their future. We provide a safe place for teenage girls to come and get away from the pressures they face: Tuesdays from 6-7:30pm for ages 12-18, we eat, play, talk, and create. Our mission each Tuesday night is to connect girls with each other, female role models, and God. And in so doing, help them know they are loved and valued, which results in less susceptibility to drug addiction and sex trafficking traps.

Girls Wanted staff is key in providing the relational aspect to the program. Our staff comes prepared to be available to share God’s Word, their love, and their time.

EPOH Resident Staff

Full-time (Residential)
The EPOH House is a residential ministry within BLOC that exists to bring structure and stability to at-risk youth by partnering with willing families to provide students with long-term housing, identity, and hope. Each EPOH home is gender specific and can house up to four students at a time. Residential staff is essential to the students’ experience. Two residential staff live in each home, provide on-site care and oversight of residents, and maintain a Christ-centered, family-like environment in which students can thrive.

Youth Director

The BLOC Youth Director will lead, shape and create the Youth Services for BLOC Ministries. This position will be responsible for creating ways to support the local school districts and maintaining relationships with Diversion Court and Hamilton County Juvenile Detention Center.


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