Farm to Table

 Farm to Table

 BLOC’s Farm to Table Urban Garden is located at our Horses on the Hill (HOTH) campus. Our   mission is to improve Price Hills' access to locally grown, affordable produce. We believe that   good food is love, and we intend on loving our neighborhood by creating a sustainable source   of produce while providing hands-on experiential learning and environment activities with   nature, wildlife and some of our favorite "farm" animals in an effort to improve health,   academic and life outcomes to historically unserved communities.

 Farm to Table goals:

  • Reduce nutrient insecurity for low-income families by providing produce markets that are not only close to home, but allow families to buy the healthiest, freshest produce at 50% or more below retail value. 
  • Create a sustainable produce source 
  • Conserve natural resources, restore wildlife habitats, teach carbon neutrality, reduce waste going to landfills
  • Teach job skills/offer training in agriculture, nature, food and animals

 Current activities at HOTH

 Family Fun Day on the Farm
 - First Saturday of the month 
 - 10 am-12:30pm 
 - Free activities include gardening, growing vegetables/flowers & more training, all about   chickens, animal experience, barn tours, meet the HOTH horses Buddy, Nacho & Jackson,   nature scavenger hunts, a "make your own" station which allows participants to take home free   materials for gardening, conservation, composting and health.
 - Event is free, registration is preferred, sign in and waiver prior to start of stations (children   under 10 must be accompanied by an adult)

 Pay What You Can Farm Markets 
 - First Saturday of the month 10 am-12:30 pm 
 - Fresh produce
 - High quality, local whenever possible
 - Pay what you can
 - We accept Snap, EBT, WIC & Senior coupons, PRX, Produce Perks and traditional payment

Field Trips
 - Ages 8 & up 
 - Activities include vegetable growing, gardening, harvesting, nature scavenger hunts,   environmental science activities that match student grade level, animal experiences, yoga and   a hike.
 - Customized to meet teacher and student needs
 - Wheelchair accessible field trips and activities coming SOON (late summer/early fall 2023)

 Offsite Farm to Table Events

 Pay What You Can Farm Markets 
 - 700 State Ave. Lower Price Hill, near Meiser's and the Outer Space
 - Wednesdays 3-5pm
 - Additional location schedule coming soon
 - Up to 6 markets per month will be scheduled for May-October
 - Have a location in mind? Let us know where we need to be.

 Urban Agriculture Program for Grades 1-8 
 - Please contact us to schedule for Fall, 2023 at your school!
 - One day/week, 1.5 hours, all materials included
 - Animal and agricultural learning, habitat or garden creation at school, hydroponics and   healthy snacks

 School Farm Markets/Power of Produce
 - Teaching grades 1-8 students the outcome of healthy food on the body (run faster, jump   higher, better grades)
 - Taste tests, interactive lessons and healthy snacks
 - In-school farm market - students select the produce they want and take home for FREE

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How You Can Support Farm to Table

 For any further inquiries, please contact Mary Beth Knight:

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