Horses on the Hill

Horses on the Hill

Horses on the Hill (HOTH) is a unique learning environment incorporating Equine-assisted activities and urban farming and horticulture into Cincinnati's West side communities of Price Hill. Located at 1655 Ross Avenue in Cincinnati, HOTH serves Price Hill's economically disadvantaged youth and their families, as well as abused women and individuals in recovery. Participants interact with horses, participate in barn management chores, and experience nature - all activities that promote physical, spiritual, and emotional growth.

We are partnered with Natural Freedom Wellness Center, an organization that has offered trauma-sensitive, nature-based and equine-assisted learning services to the Southeastern Ohio region for many years. They have been graciously walking alongside us in this endeavor to mentor and teach our team how to offer these services to our neighbors.

Improved self-esteem, discipline, life skills and stronger family relationships are just a few of the positive changes we hope to instill in those who participate. Some of the most valuable ministry we do will be on the ground, alongside the horses. Since horses are new to many of the people we serve, our neighbors will begin to build trust and relationships with the horses in this way. Our staff will partner with licensed mental health professionals to outline therapeutic goals that we will work to achieve alongside our horses and in nature.

Our Staff

Mackenzie Sharpshair - Program Director, QMHS, ESMHL

Maddie Lees - Community Experiential Specialist, QMHS 

Stephanie Young - Clinical Supervisor, LPCC-S 

Chase Hudson - Counselor, LPC 

How You Can Support Horses on the Hill

For any further inquiries please contact or call us at (513)914-3521

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