Daniel Hills

Daniel Hills

Daniel Hills

Woodshop Supervisor and Special Project Coordinator


I was born and raised in Brownsburg, Indiana! I am the youngest of nine siblings! I am a huge football fan...Go Pack! I love competition and playing board games! Best of all, I married my wife Hannah in 2016 and we love living in Cincinnati!  I first volunteered at the McPherson after-school program in the fall of 2014 but didn’t stay long - I started back with BLOC in 2017 at the Woodshop.  I started as an assistant at the Woodshop and now I am the assistant manager and special project coordinator for BLOC. I get to do many different things which is fun and exciting for me. 

I love working with BLOC for so many reasons. Personally I enjoy getting to love and work with my flock each and everyday - a lot of traditional Ministries only naturally occur once or twice a week - here I get to really do life with people in ministry every day. I love the community of BLOC and how diverse in age and denominations we are. The Woodshop and BLOC Industries is  such a unique and amazing ministry.  I think we present the gospel to people in such a new and natural way. I view myself and BLOC Industries growing deeper in what we do for people. We don’t want to just give people jobs, we want to go so deep in really changing people’s lives in  many ways, all of which point toward the gospel!

My favorite Bible verse is where Jesus was tempted by Satan at his most vulnerable moments and instead of giving in to what Satan was giving him he found his strength in the old scriptures truth. I want to find my strength in life in truth.
"...'He will order His angels to protect and guard you. And they will hold you up with their hands so you won't even hurt your foot on a stone.'..." - Luke 4:4-12

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