Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones

Director of Girls Wanted & Women's Jail Ministry

Speaker, writer, voice over artist!  I’m originally from Louisville, KY, I went to Portland Christian High school, and then Johnson Bible College. That’s when I met my husband, Tim, and the adventures really began! We’ve been married for 38 years, have 3 children, and 4 grand babies. We’ve done ministry together all those years at some wonderful churches. Most recently we served at New Life Christian Church in the DC area for 13 years before coming to join the work at BLOC. Our work here has been our greatest adventure yet.

Tim and I both speak at conferences and retreats, as well. For me, it is a time to share out of the hardest parts of this life. Together we’ve survived my cancer journey, the heartache of drug abuse in our family, and so many other trials along the way. God doesn’t waste our pain, but uses it to help others. The Christian life is a lot of things… A wild adventure, scary, exciting, “You want me to do what?!” But boring—it is not. Thankful to be on this great adventure! 

We began with BLOC in 2013.  I am the founder and director of Girls Wanted, an outreach in Lower Price Hill for at-risk teenage girls to have a safe place to come and get away from the unique pressures they face. 

Prison & Jail Ministry: BLOC , Joanne Stehura, and I also do face-to-face jail visits with the ladies—who visit BLOC’s Weightless Anchor day shelters—when they become incarcerated - and eventually enter our Redeemed Homes. Jail time is sometimes a blessing, as it leaves our ladies clean and able to think clearly for the first time in years. Being an encouragement through face-to-face pastoral visits, being present at court hearings and providing the ladies we first met at Weightless Anchor with Bibles and devotionals while they are incarcerated, gives them a real and lasting hope for the future. 

I love getting to invest in the lives of girls who have experienced some pretty hard things in their young lives. When I learned that neglect was the number one factor in susceptibility to sex trafficking, I immediately felt lead to create this group meant to stand in the gap of neglect. At Girls Wanted, we love seeing the girls begin to relax and act like the kids they are created to be, because they feel safe here. We love being a consistent part of their lives. Girls Wanted has been active since October 2015!

In the jail ministry, we love to see the smiles on the ladies' faces when we visit them in jail. We love seeing the ladies come to that moment when they really recognize their need for a Savior. We love to see the drug haze lift and watch their hopes and dreams come back to life.  My vision for my work at BLOC is to keep working in this community, sharing hope in brokenness, and holding out Jesus, until I breathe my last breath. There is enough ministry here to keep me working until Jesus returns! 

“Even to your old age and gray hair, I am He. I am He Who sustains you. I have made you and I will rescue you. I will sustain you and I will carry you.” - Isaiah 46:4

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