Chris Staser

Chris Staser

Director of Ministry Operations

My wife Kelsie, my five boys, and I are giving our lives to live and work in Price Hill because we love Cincinnati and we love Price Hill. We have adopted two boys from Price Hill and feel honored that we get to be able to have that as a part of our story. The Staser home is always open for a good meal and fun. I’m originally from Greenville, Indiana. You probably haven’t heard of it but it’s a small town outside of New Albany, Indiana.  I began with BLOC in 2011 and I am the Director of Ministry Operations.  Essentially I lead all of the program leaders and help them be as successful as possible in their specific ministry roles and their impact through the programs that touch the lives of our young people and families every day.  

I love the fact that we get to live in the neighborhood and be a part of the fabric of Price Hill.  I love having an open door in our home.  I love being able to see Jesus become real to the neighborhood but also in each of our lives as staff.  I love getting to start new things and be a part of seeing things run day to day. I love getting to see the diversity of gifts that people have that are being put to use in incredible ways. 

If I could imagine what our core future vision would be with BLOC, I would truly love to see more people join the mission but also more people find healing. How do we become part of building a resilient neighborhood and community that Jesus is at the center of?  I would love to see more counseling, mental health help and more jobs for everyone.  I think its a no-brainer to see more of Cincinnati and beyond have what we are experiencing here. 

"Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus lived." - 1 John 2:6

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