BLOC Woodshop

We build high-quality products that help rebuild lives.

It is the goal of the BLOC Woodshop to teach people basic woodworking skills, job training and life skills that will help them to get good paying jobs in the trade of carpentry and general construction. We do this by manufacturing high-end outdoor & office furniture, restaurant tables & bar tops, and special requests such our home kitchen needs and more.  We construct our products from reclaimed materials with a focus to reclaim lives.

The BLOC Woodshop produces the highest quality furniture for home, business and all of your outdoor living needs. We are dedicated to helping our neighbors move to be a productive member of the community by training them on how to be a dedicated employee and great team member. Each neighbor in the program is mentored and discipled by a trainer who helps lead them to achieve the dreams they have envisioned for their life.

To change this community one life and one job at a time. We do this when we listen, understand, train, teach, coach, and walk alongside those who need a second chance in our shared communities.

For more information, visit the BLOC Woodshop on Facebook.  For sales and orders, Contact shop Director, John Ellis at John.Ellis@onebloc.org or call 513-703-8866. You can also contact Assistant Manager of Special Projects, John Ellis at john.ellis@onebloc.org.

We are in the process of building a separate, new site for BLOC Woodshop sales, orders & service. Please check back periodically by clicking here.