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CALL (513) 800-1863

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Say Something!

You see something suspicious in your neighborhood or around the city and region that resembles prostitution or sex trafficking - the solution is easy and completely anonymous!

If you would like to file a report on suspected sex trafficking or prostitution in the Cincinnati, Price Hill, West Side or Northern Kentucky community:
CALL: 513-800-1863

If you have questions specific to this campaign or need resources and referrals to any of BLOC's programs & services:
CALL: 513-421-4647

If your call is non-emergency and related to other matters: 
CALL: 513-765-1212

Or, you can just fill out the online form.

We value and respect your privacy for reporting activity and general locations. This is critical in our efforts to help provide services, referrals and data collection to help prevent, fight for and defend victims of trafficking & prostitution and identify individuals who purchase sex and "pimp(s)" who profit and report necessary details to appropriate authorities. Reports to the call-in line are held in strict confidence and anonymity.