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This is a not a law-enforcement operated campaign. It is a partnership with BLOC Ministries and affiliated non-profit partners. Anonymous and confidential reports can be made 24/7 by phone or at the online report link below.

“I'm NOT 4 Sale - See Something? Say Something!" is a community awareness campaign to educate our neighborhoods about the impact of the epidemic of prostitution and sex trafficking. Sex trafficking is thriving right here in Cincinnati in our West Side communities of Price Hill and beyond. We want you to be a part of our shared voice to promote awareness of the problem of sex trafficking in our neighborhoods, and across Ohio and the United States. LEARN MORE.

Report suspected trafficking


You see a warning sign in your neighborhood or around the city that resembles prostitution or sex trafficking. It could be known prostitution, a child who has unexplained injuries, or a person who shows a sudden change in behavior. The solution is easy and completely anonymous.

If it’s in the Cincinnati, Price Hill, West Side or Northern Kentucky community:
CALL: 513-800-1863

If you have questions specific to this campaign or need resources and referrals to any of BLOC's programs & services:
CALL: 513-421-4647

If your concern is non-emergency and related to other matters: 
CALL: 513-765-1212

Making a call does not necessarily mean that you are claiming someone is trafficking or being trafficked, only that they are exhibiting warning behaviors. We value and respect your privacy!


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HIV statistic

According to police arrest data, 1 in 10 people arrested for prostitution have tested positive for HIV. This places prostitutes, victims of sex trafficking, and sex buyers at risk of contracting and spreading HIV. 

33% arrest increase

Since 2016, Cincinnati Police documented 315 arrests for prostitution and sex trafficking-related matters. In 2019, the number increased by 33% from 2018.

25% arrest increase

This epidemic is a silent battle for the victims we all serve. They become too afraid and ashamed to talk about their horrific experience, which leads to self-destruction and a vicious cycle of depression, addiction, self-harm and destruction (or suicide).